Museum Subway

Museum Subway Station
Some neat things I saw at the Museum
The Museum Subway station is on the Yonge / University-Spadina Line. It had a 5$Million dollar revamp *don't worry mostly private donations* ya right! It was opened to the public for viewing on April 8, 2008! I haven't been since I was a kid to the Museum, but went recently and wow the subway station looks gorgeous!
If you want to see more decent photos than mine, check this out:
heres a video from youtube: I don't have a video player so didn't take one myself!
Dinosaurs! Of course!
But the best part is coming up the megazzine and being right there!

No worries about parking or tickets, cuz frankly the Museum cost you enough as it is- so check out the Museum again and see whats new there and let the TTC take you there!!