Wellesley Subway Station

The Wellesley Subway Station is on the Yonge-University Spadina Line of the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC). It was opened March 1954 to the public and is situated at the corner(s) of College/Carlton and Yonge Streets.  Today it only sees about 25,000 people a daily, but its also right in the heart of downtown Toronto so it’s a low traffic station to detour off of Yonge if you’re in a rush.  Also keeping in mind that Wellesley like all TTC Stations have a DWA which is a designated Waiting area.  These are great for big cities on the subway lines where very few insatiable characters may have questionable motives, it’s a major safety plus for all of us.  DWA are areas on the subway platforms where you can stand waiting for your train, in a brightly lit area, telephone nearby, closed circuit television camera, intercom, and a bench!  What more could you ask for?  Big brother is watching you after all, but in a big city, we could all use a big brother.

Body Piercing shops

On street level Wellesley has plenty of body piercing and highly talented tattoo artists.  I came real close to getting a tattoo the other night, to cover a mark on my arm but chickened out! It seems like every other little restaurant we saw were sushi and coffee shops.  I for one can’t think of any more reasons why not to come to Wellesley and Yonge!  

One final note, just in time for the Halloween Season from 3:00 in the afternoon October 31st until 3:00 am Monday November 1st, Wellesley Street will close between Jarvis and Yonge for the Church-Wellesley BIA Halloween Party!!

Happy Halloween!