Downsview Subway Station

Modern Downsview Subway Station
Downsview Subway station is located on the Yonge-University-Spadina line of the  Toronto Transit Commission (TTC).  It's a relatively new station that was opened in 1996 and serves about 30,000 passengers a day. 

Downsview Subway station is located within minutes of Downsview Park.  The 572 acres of land space was used as the location of the 2003 SARStock benefit concert which was to revive the economy of Toronto after the SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) outbreak. SARs, which is a respiratory disease caused by the corona virus, caught us and the medical community off guard and unprepared.  Between November 2002 and July 2003, 8,096 known cases were reported killing 774 people.  In April of 2003, the WHO (World Health Organization) put out an advisory against all travel here in Toronto reporting that a small number of persons from Toronto had appeared to have exported the SARs virus to other parts of the world causing a near pandemic.  This claim turned out to be false as only new cases of the disease were reported to have originated here and they were only in hospitals.  But it was enough of a scare for the economy and tourism of Toronto to suffer as a result of the advisory. 
2003 SARstock
Hearing of Toronto's dilemma, the Stones being avid fans of our city dedicated themselves to helping us out.  SARstock became the largest outdoor ticketed event in Canadian history!  I was coaxed to go with friends from work and I remember I really didn't want to at first, but it was one of the most memorable events of my life!!  Live acts by the Stones, Guess Who, RUSH, AC/DC, Sass Jordan, Isley Brothers, Justin Timberlake, Blue Rodeo, Sam Roberts and others I didn't know.  The shows finale was the Rolling Stones doing a 90 minute set.  

Today Downsview Park is alive all year long with sporting events, filming (they have film studios!) camps and school programs and ongoing park projects which are changing the landscape of the way the park looks.  Downsview Subway station also has a VIVA Orange Terminal which serves the York regions as well.