High Park and High Park Zoo (Spring)

Ducks in Grenadier pond!
Had a great time at High Park! Nothing like Springtime after those long and cold winter nights. It feels good to breathe in the fresh warmer air and smell water soaking through the grass.  When perennials peak out from underground and the rose that hid itself under the snow blooms to glory...do you hear harps?

I think I may even have spotted a dinosaur in the last picture
My first teepee!
Going home...(yes this is still Toronto !! ) :)
High Park has been a meeting place in Toronto since 1876 when 172 acres of the "Howard" family's original property became public.  In 1890, a streetcar loop is added for easy access to the park.  In 1893, boat rentals became available at Grenadier Pond, same year as the animals were added to the zoo.  Years later in the 1960's, recreational facilities were added.

Be nice when the greens come out
Spring has Sprung
Top left: American Bison, Barbary Sheep, Yaks, Llama and Emu
West Highland Cattle, Yak and Peacock
High Park is a great way to spend time with family and friends, for sports, picnics, BBQ's, walking, jogging and hiking.  Get out there and be a part of Toronto.