Garrison Venue

My friend at work won 2 tickets from a radio station , 98.1FM! I agreed to go along and check out Matt Nathanson! There is only one song he does I have heard playing a few times on the radio, "Come on Get Higher".

The venue was at "The Garrison" which I had never been to.  Their website is here if you're interested in checking out some eclectic local talent. 
The Garrison

The Garrison is very casual, almost to the point of shabby and the actual stage room is pretty dark.  It took about an hour before Matt appeared on stage.  By that time the room was full and we were all sweating.  

Matt Nathanson totally blew me away!  His personality would easily sell tickets alone for his quirky sense of humour in between self composed/written songs.  His style is a lot like John Mayer.  You get the sense that you just want to root for this young guy making it big because he's just so damn likeable.

I've got some pretty bad pictures to share (because the venue was so dark) and if you can catch some of the video at all, you're welcomed to listen to it, even if you can't see anything.
My silly introduction

and the one song I knew from him: 
Come on Get Higher <-- This is a Youtube video, my video was just too large to upload and inaudible :)