2011 Pride Toronto!

Toronto's Yonge Street was all abuzz with the Pride Toronto Parade on Sunday July 3 starting from College and running down about as far south as Dundas.  There were hoards of people 5 rows deep.  With the heat in the sardine can, I didn't want to stay long, but never been to a Pride parade before and at least wanted to experience it once in a lifetime.  The music was great, didn't see much of the costumes, but what I did see was a city embracing the differences in people and that is what makes Toronto such a rockin town.  We are multi-cultural, multi-racial, multi-lingual, and Pride shows us that we also welcome multi-sexual, transgenders...whatever! We are all just people doing our own thing! It was loads of fun and the music was great! Too bad our own mayor decided that the trip up to the cottage was more important than a celebration which brings millions into the city every year.  Speaking of millions!!??? There was a record over million people crowd yesterday! Way to go Toronto!