Annual Pride Toronto Parade

Every year Toronto's Yonge Street is all abuzz with "Pride Toronto Parade" usually the first Sunday in July 3. 

The parade starts from College Street and runs south to Dundas Street before heading west.

There are record breaking crowds that expand more and more every year since it's inception.  It's definitely once in a lifetime (at least!) for the music, colours, vibrance and joy it's really something to be a part of.

Costumes are all hand-crafted and are tasteful, there's lots of tongue in cheek humour which the crowd loves.  It's good to see people embracing differences and it's really what makes Toronto a favourite among celebrities and a truly 'rockin' town. 

We are multi-cultural, multi-racial, multi-lingual, and Pride shows us that we also welcome multi-sexual, transgenders...whatever! We are all just people doing our own thing! It was loads of fun and the music was great!

There's been a lot of controversy over the years, from mayors heading to the cottage instead of attending, to Black Lives Matters making their political issues a part of the pride parade to the total ban of Police officers in the event.  Not sure what will happen this year! I say let's keep it the fun and accepting event it was meant to be.