Crothers' Woods

An awesome find, a relatively untouched area of the Don Valley since 1793, but the area has had it's share of history.  If you're interested you can link up the history section on wikipedia at Crothers' Woods.  

The wooded area is a welcome cool down especially after a heated ride through the valley under the hot sun.  It's much like a trip up north once you enter into the mountain biking terrain.  Lots of maple and oaks around.  I am not an agile enough athlete to handle the bike  through the woods, but working on it.  Prefer the smoother trails by far, but sometimes you run into rough territory to get to the good stuff.  

Here's some pics of some of the surroundings.  I really need a better camera, especially for the film footage.  Summers winding down and perfect timing too as the trails have pretty much been all but covered soon.