Don North Trail (E.T. Seton Park)

Travelling further northwest on the trail and you will ride into E.T. Seton Park. A park which was obtained by the City of Toronto in honour of E.T. Seton in the 1960’s.  Originally it was to be the future site of the Metro Toronto Zoo, but now the established parkland abuts the Ontario Science Centre.  Spacious and abundant with parkland and trees, it is a good site for fundraisers, picnics, BBQ, and the new Lung Cancer Canada Grove.  Kind of a weird name but there is a portion of the park that contains a unique grove of trees.  The ‘healing circle’ is a path leading to the heart of the Grove which is a circle of 8 large limestones, with trees surrounding it. If you purchase a tree, the tree will be transplanted and a bench with a plaque will have your name on it.  The cost of the tree is $1,000. a piece.  

Oh, by the way, there's also plenty of parking if you choose to bring your vehicle to the park!