Looking for something a little different to do for fun, you can check out the Go-Kart track just off Cherry Street, south of the Port of Toronto on the west bank.  Polson Avenue, a hotspot in the Summer.  There's about 10 good turns on the track making it a pretty decent run.

They're asking for $2.50 a lap! I just filmed and passed on trying it out this time. It costs about $20 for 20 minutes.  I don't know what the 'going rate' is for Go Karting. They offer the track for parties, and stags? Well, I can think of a few stag parties that most likely wouldn't include Go-Karting but for the kids its lots of fun!

Call the number 416-649-PIER for ticket info or just go down to Cherry beach way on a good day and check things out there yourself!