Polson Pier!

Waterfront Patio
Docks of the bay
I know I must have mentioned a few times since I started this blog that I've been to places that I either 'didn't know about' or that 'I've never been to before'.  Well the Polson Pier is one of them!  It's a hotspot during the summer, because there is so much to do one one street.  It's not a long street 
Sunset at the Pier
Pier just north of Polson Avenue
on the water
either, so it's easy to miss if you aren't looking for it.  Located just off Cherry street on the west side going south towards Cherry Beach. First thing you'll notice, which is quite obvious are the giant old-fashioned Movie Screens... and yes, there is still an outdoor Drive-In that still exists here in the City!  There are 2 screens and they charge pretty much a flat rate no matter how many people are in the vehicle.  There's a soccer field, and mini putt, golf range, a rock-wall, Go-Kart track (see 'Go-kart') on 
Front entrance of Waterfront Patio
this blog and right at the end of the street 
(the furthest point west) is the Polson Pier.   The Pier is open to the public.  You can dock your water craft, listen to concerts at the "Sound Academy", radio shows "the Edge", "Dean Blundell", "Q-107", feed live from here, eat and drink at the Waterfront patio and just sit back and watch the boats sail by!  For more info check out the THE POLSON PIER