Tommy Thompson Park (additional photographs)

unfilled landfill :)
  I went back to the Tommy Thompson Park for a ride..mostly because I just can't get enough of this place.  I rode for about an hour from home and instead of following the path to the Vicky Keith Lighthouse (see Tommy Thompson Park on this blog) I explored a little and tried to find paths closer to the shoreline.  It was a windy night, but a warm wind and just hours after the 5.8 earthquake that Toronto and surrounding areas including Quebec experienced.  I must have been in a 'safe zone' because desks didn't shake, or rattle, or roll 
and I was pretty much oblivious to what had happened until I heard the buzz from people talking about it.  

Confused Geese...

Nothing spells the end of summer like the shorter days

 and the early confusion of geese swarming around dusk.  I remembered my grandfather used to tell me when I was a child that we could learn a lot from the animals, especially the birds (yes he was Native ;).  They were altruistic and would be able to give me all the warnings signs I would ever need for the weather ahead.  Judging by the way the they swarmed, almost manically back and forth and hovering at times, I figured there was going to be a bad wind shift happening in the near future. Canadian weather is always so unpredictable anyways. I rode to the end of a gravelly road and looked around for miles without seeing a soul in sight. I was a little concerned with my bike tires because of the rubble, so kept the weight off them.  The shoreline was littered with building remnants and construction waste.  It is a landfill site after all, and in time this too will be covered with grassland and wildflowers.  The ducks didn't seem to mind...    

trails of geese