Waterfront Trail (Queens Quay access)

Shipped docked at HTO Park
There is a route terminus located at Lakeshore Blvd and the Don Roadway.  Looming overhead is the Don Valley Parkway where it splits off into the Gardiner Expressway.  Heading westbound along Lakeshore (Waterfront Trail West) you will pass Sherbourne Common and the HTO Park.  The HTO park is like an urban beach.  I have never seen it before but heard quite a lot about it.  It opened in 2007 and its located right at the Harbourfront 
HTO Park
Sherbourne Common
Lakeshore and Don Roadway
Centre, on Lake Ontario.  Although it was quite busy, I found it looked a little awkward seeing people sit on beach sand that was obviously scattered over clean cement.  It was very surreal.  Almost like a perfect world made with artificially enhanced green grass and bright yellow umbrellas. It looked much like 'SIMCity", but with real people.  Back on the trail westbound on Queens Quay.  This portion of the path is on-road, so youre sharing with buses, cabs and other cyclists.  The sidewalks are extra wide, but not only is it against the law, but you may find this area of TO a little to busy to manoeuvre around, especially during the summer months, when there is so much happening by the water.  I suggest you stop here and take a look around, take the ferry boat across the water to the Islands or a cool one at many of the outdoor patios along Queens Quay.

CNE / Ontario Place
Pavillion/Rowing Club/tennis/swimming
Continue west of Queens Quay past Spadina Avenue and Bathurst Street and the trail picks up again after the the HMCS York (Canadian Forces naval Reserve) building and curves into Coronation Park and the Yacht Club.  Up next is the gates of the Exhibition Place (CNE) and Fort York.  This will bring you directly through the docks and Ontario Place.  While continuing on the 'Waterfront Trail" on Lakesore past the Argonaut Rowing Club and the Boulevard Club, you'll seeing some tennis courts, and swimming pools.  Continue westbound to Sunnyside Park.  This is a gorgeous spot for picnics, swimming and inline skating.  Once through the park, the trail curves to the Humber River Bridge.  The Humber River Bridge is right next to the Palace Pier.  This is when the trail becomes tricky.  At the western point of the bridge there is a path that leads down onto the Humber trail (see "Humber Trail" Path).

Back on Humber Trail
Humber River Bridge