Progreston Falls in the Winter!

Progreston Falls is located in a small community in Flamborough, Hamilton.  It lies at the intersection of Carlisle Road and Centre Road, about 15 km north of Waterdown.

I've come down this way to take this shot here in the Summer, Fall and Winter.  It's a nice location though the waterfall isn't natural, it was artificially created as a dam but the water circles and flows so beautifully it's a photographers dream.  It's one of my faves in the Hamilton area.  

Carlisle is a quaint small town that almost seems like a ghost town to me, and the bleakness of the snow covered land doesn't help either!  Carlisle apparently once was home to an ostrich farm (very unusual), but the animals were deemed too dangerous.  Since they're native to Africa, I can't imagine an ostrich in this environment. More appropriately, Carlisle was home to the Bluegrass Festival, but apparently the owner of the trailer park here didn't pay his property taxes so the land was bought up by the Town of Flamborough, and hence no more bluegrass.  

If you think these pictures are bleak, and bland you're not alone, but my camera was sick today, and thus I decided to post the pictures despite it all.

If you're ever in the area here, take a trip down Carlisle Road, and check out these falls for yourself.