Lower Chedoke Falls

Lower Chedoke Falls is located off the Chedoke Radial trail, which is part of the Bruce trail.  It crosses the Chedoke Golf course and runs about 2 and half kilometres and transverses the escarpment to Scenic Drive.  There are quite a few falls along the Chedoke trail including the Westcliffe, Cliffview, Denlow, Mountain view, Sanatorium, Beckett, and Denlow. 

You will find more pictures of the Chedoke Trail here on my flickr page

Its a wonderful shared trail with cyclists and pedestrians as well as being wheelchair accessible and showcases beautiful views of the west end of Hamilton and the Dundas Valley below.  Whether you are a jogger, a cyclist, hiker or walker you will find the Chedoke Radial trail with its high hills and low valleys adorned with scenic waterfall views to be a little piece of country in the heart of the city of Hamilton.