Historic Distillery District

I preferred this one when I put it on B&W :)

If you ever travel to Toronto, you must visit the Historical Distillery District. It has been widely photographed by novice and professional photographers and is now a member of the CONTACT Photographers Exhibition currently running throughout he month of May in Toronto!  It features exhibits from camera pros around the world is a national Historic Site. 
Courtesy of CONTACT Photography Festival
While at the Distillery, you have many photo opportunities to take of historical cars, the old Mill Street Brewery, the famous Gooderham and Worts Distillery was founded in 1832 (World’s largest).  In fact you’ll find 13 acres of 40 historical buildings, 10 streets, and the largest collection of Industrial architecture form the Victorian era (my favorite) found anywhere in the world.  I took plenty of pictures, and created my first black and white album from this site.  You’ll enjoy the art galleries, and boutiques and coffee houses.  It’s a beautiful piece of history preserved here that I wanted to add it to a list of many things to do in Toronto.

Note: I will be adding more photographs on my flickr account soon! Including my first B&W album