Upper Chedoke Falls- Hamilton, Ontario

The Upper Chedoke Falls is a challenge to get to, but the experience in retrospect was a great one.  I had been here before to the Chedoke Trail and had already known where the ‘Lower Chedoke Falls’ were.  What I didn’t know was where the ‘Upper Chedoke Falls" were or how tricky my ‘rock hoppin’ skills would have to be.  

 Stuck literally between a rock and hard spot several times, this rocky crag left much to my problem solving skills.  About 10 minutes into the trek and my partner falls and as he is lying and moaning on top of a bed of rocks, worrying about his phone.  I say, “are you ok?’ to which his reply is “yeah, but I think I fell on my phone” with that I am determined evermore to get to the Upper Chedoke, and for a moment, I am tempted to use his back as leverage to get across the water..lol

Upward and onward, I can hear the rush of water, and up ahead in the distance, I didn’t see a shimmering light, but I did see the movement of waterfalls.  Not one, but two! This was exciting and while he mutters something to me like, ‘remind me not to do this again’, I laugh with the determination of getting ever closer to take that photograph that will instill in my memories forever.  

There she is!  The top of the Niagara Escarpment she is a 15  metre ribbon waterfall and there I am standing at the foot of a beautiful wave of rushing water of the Upper Chedoke Falls!  Chedoke Falls was beautiful!