Duffins Creek (Waterfront Trail)

After passing by the enormous and high-security Pickering Nuclear Generating Station, you will soon be in the area of Duffins Creek.  As you enter, you will see a welcoming sign, which will give you answers to any questions you have just in case you feel lost!  

Simcoe Point is the point of land that overlooks the mouth of Duffins Creek (Simcoe Point).  I thought the area would be an ideal place for a cottage or a home because of the flat land and beautiful lakefront views.  I did some reading about Simcoe Point, and apparently back in 1912, John Henry Greenlaw had built a house here called the "Simcoe House" and used it for a summer retreat.  Unfortunately, he died soon after it was built, and soon the property was sold to new owners who turned it into a popular destination.  In fact it attracted visitors all Ontario for over 25 years or so.  Simcoe point however declined rapidly after the Great depression and had burned to the ground sometime in 1950's.  There's a plaque which is erected there today, showing the history of the area and the people buried there.

Veterans Point
Duffins creek, was so well known in earlier times to be loaded with salmon, that the french called it ":Riviere au Saumon".  It was a spot for early settlers who built mills, and dams along the creek, preventing salmon from swimming upstream to spawn, this eventually led to their decline.  Today, it has its own character and all kinds of fish, trout, white sucker, carp and bass spawn here.    When you are here, its easy to forget your in an urban location. 

If you are walking the Trail, you will find that the east side of the creek leads to a asphalt path that winds it way directly into Rotary Park in Ajax.  With this feature, Rotary is perfect for bikers, joggers, strollers, in-line skaters, and people in wheelchairs to enjoy the waterfront views.  The Ajax Waterfront Park continues much like the Rotary park with its running trail along the top of the bluffs thorough the park.  There is a nearby locust grove that lines the view to the east.   
Locust Grove

Passed The Veterans Point Garden, which commemorates the Town's history and is dedicated to the HMS Ajax, the Defense Industries Limited  Please read more here:

The trail continues east along the asphalt path to Pickering Beach Road, where the park ends. Although you'll be on-road for about a kilometre, there is usually little traffic around so you can go on the shoulder until you get back onto the trail.  This is called Pickering Beach, beautiful scenery, and many of the original homes built after the war are still there.  The historical features still remain.  There is so much history here.