Great Falls and Grindstone Creek

Great Falls in Waterdown, Ontario.  You'll always find a good water flow here if you want to take pictures.  

It's a very accessible waterfall as well located just off the parking log lot off Mill Street (Waterdown becomes Mill Street).  

There's also a decent hike south west of the waterfall in Dundas Valley as well.  Bring your hiking gear, you'll enjoy this one!  he creek is just downstream of Great falls.  As you can see from the pictures the water was very turbulent and rugged today.  

Catch your breath here as you walk through the valley as there are plenty of plateaus of varying levels.   Termed also as 'Smokey Hollow' from the mill town this originated from over a hundred years ago, it gets its water supply from the Grindstone Creek.   

If you have a few hours, you can take this hike along the Bruce Trail and see the escarpment cliffs and in about 15 minutes time, you will get to the Grindstone cascade. 

I wondered why Grindstone would be considered in the list of 'waterfalls', so did some reading up on the 'minimum requirements' in order for it to be so.  Apparently this particular section has a combined drop of 3 metres which means it meets the 'requirement' for criteria of a 3 metre drop.

The Great Smokey Hollow Walk is enjoyed all year long.