Windfest 2012

Well these people in Ashbridges Bay took on a new meaning to the phrase, ' go fly a kite ' at 'Windfest 2012' 

While travelling on Lakeshore Blvd westward bound on Saturday September 22nd you couldn't help but notice a spectacular array of colourful kites adorning the skies overhead Woodbine Beach.

A brief stop over to take a closer look.  There was a kite shop tent which had any and everything one would need to buy for flying a kite.  Great for a novice or the more serious air lifters.

My fave was the giant blue fish, which I don't mind saying made all the rest pale by comparison, but its not about competition here, is all about creative, interactive fun for them..after a few photos, off exploring again.

Check out more info found here Windfest 2012!