CN Tower and The Rogers Centre

  I wondered when I would get around to mentioning the obvious when 'exploring Toronto'.  The CN Tower and Rogers Centre is about as commercial as a Walt Disney movie for kids.  This drive by shooting I took on the QEW heading west was too good to not write about.  To tell you the truth, I was surprised any of the pictures came out at all...

The CN Tower and Rogers Centre now go together, hand in hand like bread and butter and believe me it offers plenty of 'bread n butter' to Toronto's Tourism and Commerce.  Well the CN Tower was once the tallest free-standing structure in the world, and that record held for a few decades until Dubai had built 'the Burj Kalifa' which was completed 2010, with Japan's Skytree coming in second by a few hundred metres short built in 2011.  Toronto's CN Tower come in a close 4th now at 553 metres up.  I remember  taking my two sons there when they were young and we had the most amazing day!! We saw a 3-D movie half way up the tower in the HIMALAMAZON Motion Theatre.  It's a ride that displays a 3-D film for 15 minutes while the seat rocks you back and forth and side to side in sync with the movie! Now they've added other attractions here like a 2.5 inches of glass over 342 metres over the ground, Skypod and the Edgewalk.  The existing 360 Revolving restaurant is still in full swing, but not at all like back in the 80's when we were 'burning up the dance floor' :)

Aside from its recreational uses, the CN Tower has more practical and necessary uses as a TV-radio communications tower.

Next to it is the 'Rogers Centre'.  Although Rogers used the power of money and bidding power to buy the commercial rights to the building, thus advertising their namesake, it will always be SKYDOME to me. That was in 1989.  This is home to the Toronto Blue jays and the Toronto Argos, but I'm not a sports fan in the least.    Rogers Centre, also has  been known to host fairs and conventions.  In fact, the 'Skydome' will be hosting the 2015 Pan American Games for the opening and closing ceremonies.  I know that seems like a long way off, but you'll be amazed how fast time flies.