Desjardins Canal and the Railway Disaster (157 Years Ago Today)

 History Today: Exactly 156 years ago today, on March 12th in 1857 marks one of the worst rail-way disasters in Canada to that date.  It carried about 100 passengers on board, of which 59 were instantly killed and leaving 18 more injured.

There have been may historical depictions of the disaster of the Great Western Railway passenger since this day.  

 More recently a digitized project was undertaken by the Hamilton Public library to map out the original booklet that outlines much like a forensic study of the disaster.  If you go online you can see a copy of the "Full Details of the Railway Disaster of the 12th of March, 1857 at the Desjardins Canal on the line of the Great Western Railway"

 This is what the Desjardins Canal bridge looks like today.  There is a historical maker on the path just underneath the High Level bridge that commemorates the Dejardins Railway Disaster.  The marker is on the bike path in Cootes Paradise, a wonderful natural setting which overlooks the Hamilton Harbour from up top and a recreational trail down below

Carp barrier - keeping adult carp at bay