Lasalle Park - Waterfront Trail

Lasalle Park is a section of the Waterfront trail that has been built along LaSalle Park Road..  You can follow this down to the pier to watch the boats and waterfowl.  Pedestrians can walk east along a section at the water's edge.  The trail then curves northeast through the park and rejoins North Shore Blvd.

There is plenty of historical value at Lasalle. The land was bought in 1915 by Hamilton which owns the 57 acre park, but leases it to Burlington.  LaSalle got its name to honour a French explorer, Rene Robert Cavelier de La Salle, who set out from Montreal in 1669 to find a passage to the southern sea.  He landed instead on the shores of Lake Ontario (Burlington Bay). 

In the late spring up until Fall, LaSalle is an active park for boaters, fisherpeople and bird watchers.  For those land lovers, LaSalle has a lovely wide view of the lake and marina from the elevated lookout at the south end of the park.  You will almost always get a chance to see a swan skimming across the water, or some Canada geese floating ashore.  

If you are on bike, you will enjoy a short section of trail that cuts through the north end of LaSalle Park along an asphalt path east and connects with North Shore Blvd.

Ah yes, and the the trail weaves its way along the tree-lined North Shore Blvd. where old estate homes shelter behind field stone walls and picket fences, as beautiful as anything that I've seen before.   

If you take the stairs from the lower portion of LaSalle to the top you will notice a beautiful building called LaSalle Park Pavilion.  It was originally built in 1917 as a dance pavilion.  This now has a heritage designation.  Back in its day the upper ballroom was the sight of big band sounds of Duke Ellinton and Glen Miller.  People used to come by ferry from Hamilton to dance the night away on the hardwood floor.  It was renovated in 1994, and now serves as a Banquet and Meeting Hall.