High Falls (Muskoka)

I was thrilled to finally get a shot of 'High Falls' in Bracebridge on the way back from a recent trip from Algonquin Park.  

High Falls is located in a Water Park which has 4 other waterfalls all coming together here.  They're all located on Clear River and fed by Lake Muskoka.  

There are also many old growth forest trails that connect to the Trans Canada Trail system. 

If you're planning a day of it, you can rent paddle boats, row boats, and kayaks here to get up close to the falls without any dippy surprises anywhere so it's safe for everyone.  Speaking of dippy surprises, High Falls is also known as the "Niagara of the North".  I don't know if I would go that far, but it's a pretty impressive water flow over the falls at 9 cubic metres a second with a 15 metres drop down the cliff.  

Almost 150 years ago the local farmers used to come here after a long days work to this spot to swim, relax and fish because of the awesome abundance of pickerel in the water.
If you are like me and like the look of a 'natural' looking waterfall, you might be a little disappointed to see a metal bridge up top which is the generating station, that runs automatically into the town's centre.
However this is a necessary part of civilization, and it doesn't really interfere too much to the beauty of High Falls.    

If you ever do spend more time here to enjoy the surrounding trails, you might want to climb down along the side of the falls to see a beautiful little creek, called Potts Creek. (named after a family who once lived at the falls).  It has a 15 metre drop with an upper and lower falls.  As for me that will be another time! By the way, Wilson's Falls looks like a beauty which is also within proximity here.