Liberty Grand (Heritage Walk)

The Liberty Grande is a unique, three-sided structure and was built in 1926 to house the exhibits of the Ontario Government during each CNE. It was constructed with the influence of the Beaux-Arts style by the architectural firm of Chapman & Oxley (who won architects of the year in 1926).  It marks the entrance to the grounds from the Dominion Gate of Exhibition Place.

In 1986, the Ontario Government Building was designated as historically significant under the Ontario Heritage Act.  It now operates as a multi-room and multi-use special events facility.  In 2008 the Liberty Grande was featured in the Toronto Doors Open for Photographers.

There was a special function going on during the heritage walk, so most of the facilities were cordoned off for over 3,000 guests.   These pictures I took don't come close in showing the beauty of the ballrooms and dining areas.  This was the service entrance off to the side of the building.

The Liberty Grand has 27 foot hand carved wooden ceilings, 10 chandeliers, marble foyers, water falls and an outdoor and private courtyard, that I'm told is stunning in the summertime.  Every year they host over 400 events consisting of weddings and corporate galas, product launches, fashion shows, film festival parties and fund raisers. 

Their website has some beautiful pictures of the interior, and dinner menus.  I love looking at fancy dinner menus that describe food in such a beautiful way