Princes' Gates (The Heritage Walk)

With the autumn nearing its end, and winter soon approaching we began our heritage walks around town once more, looking for the historical value I love, but this time with the architectural merit.  I don't usually enjoy photographing buildings but the Heritage Walk offers so much background it was worth exploring further.

Here is the Princes' Gates, designed by the architectural firm of Chapman & Oxley.  The opening of the gates were in attendance by the Prince of Wales and his brother, Prince George in 1927!

Goddess of Winged Victory
There are 9 pillars on either side of the centre of the arch and each one represents the participating province of the Confederation (Newfoundland later join in 1949).  I suspect by that time, an extra arch was not a necessary addition esthetically or functionally.

A very familiar and distinct figurehead on top of the arch, is the "Goddess of Winged Victory" this was sculpted by Charles Mckechnie and underwent some major restoration in 1987.

The Princes' Gates (often mispronounced as Princess Gates - myself included) were designated as historically significant under the Ontario Heritage Act later in 1987.  These gates marked the first place of our Heritage tour with much more interesting historical buildings, monuments, plaques and pavilions to follow.