Sharon Temple

This elegant structure was another wonderful find, located in Sharon Ontario, known as the 'Sharon Temple'.  It was built by two master carpenters under the religious vision of David Willson between 1825-32.  Mr. Willson's plans were inspired by the biblical description of Solomon's Temple and the New Jerusalem.  The square design symbolized the egalitarian beliefs and cooperative principles of the sect called 'The Children of Peace'  

Once a month and on holidays there were celebrations of song and festivities in the temple.  Today there are still activities that continue including illumination of the Temple, art and music shows, fall lantern tours and Christmas time events.  
David Willson, the builder of the sect leader of the Children of Peace was born in New York city in 1773.  For some reason, he was disowned by the Society of Friends (known as the Quakers) so he set off to live hereabouts in East Gwillimbury.  His religious beliefs and principles had grown a small following which still maintained some of the code of ethics used by the Quakers, howeve
r there was much emphasis placed on music and education.
The Children of Peace were known as Davidites.  The sect of the Davidites subsided after the death of David Willson in 1866.  The last service performed in the Temple was twenty years later.  

The Temple and property were salvaged from demolition by the York Pioneer Historical Society in 1916.