Mount Pleasant Park

After dinner, we decided to go for a walk through the Mount Pleasant Cemetery (been here before see blog), located in the heart of Toronto.
I was elated to find something at least a little different.  I saw an Eastern Grey Squirrel, which is less common than the typical black squirrel I have seen around.  This one looked as though it was praying.  Fitting for a cemetery, I suppose.  There were lots of vibrant colours around from lilacs to Maple trees, which was a nice change from the more common greens found in the late spring and summer time.
Some interesting finds tonight were the interesting "FREE MASONS" which had some masonry work toppled over?  A very small grave stone etched, "MOTHER FATHER" which I found very very sad.  In keeping with Father's Day coming up this weekend, I am hoping to be able to take my own father out to a trail which I think he'll enjoy that is close to him, and easy for him to walk through.
I also saw a tombstone marked, "King Stark" which can only be appreciated by die-hard Game of Thrones fans!!

Just for a point of interest, there are several guided tours than can be personalized to suit your schedule.  This goes on all year long.  In the guided tours you will hear about some of the nations leading citizens and families.  Some of whom went on to achieve wealth and fame in Canadian and Toronto history such as the Massey and the Eaton families.   Others are William Lyon Mackenzie King (Canada's longest serving Prime Minister, Mary Pickford (world's first movie star), while still others will be names are unknown to almost everyone today. 

Whether you are part of a guiding tour on going for a stroll on your own, there is over 83 hectares of land space dating back over 130 years ago, full of mature trees and shrubs inhabiting all kinds of species of birds and squirrels. All in all there are several picturesque and dramatic views as the geology contains several plateaus, ravines and valleys that you will enjoy.