I can't even remember a time when I loved nature so much.   My footsteps guided me to this place.  I know it's not spring, or summer but what a feeling one can feel being a part of the rouge valley in any season.

The paths are cut, the skies are vast and colourful and even in the grey of twilight, there isn't an error in it.

Kew Beach

Kew Beach seems like a forgotten dream of summer these days as it winds it's icy trail along the board walk.  A silver and blue stream of water is seen as the sun hits the horizon.

For several kilometres from Silver Beach avenue to the curve of Ashbridge's Bay, Lake Ontario is brewing with bubbly waves and ice sculptures along the rock crags.

Kew Beach has been a long time summer resort area since 1793 when the 'Beaches' area was first developed.

In the summer, this place takes on a different looks with its volley nets, sun bathers and kite flyers.  

For now, we'll just take in to reminiscing of the green parks that run along the boardwalk filled with laughing children showing off for moms and dadsTennis hackers, lawn bowlers and sunny swimmers at the Donald Summerville pool fill this place.  Don't believe me?

Check back in a few months and I'll show you.