Chester Subway Station

The Chester Subway Station is on the Bloor-Danforth line of The Toronto Transit Commission (TTC). It was opened in 1966. I think it’s pretty fair to say that it is without a doubt the most boring station on the system. There are no buses coming in or out of Chester, no street cars or interchanges so it is the least used station. But, boring can have its uses. For example whenever there are problems up ahead, the trains will wait at Chester until all systems are a go.

I got off a Chester station today to meet a friend for lunch at an all you can eat Japanese sushi bar. You can never have enough sushi;) Mariko Japanese Buffet is located just a little walk outside the station. Chester Station is located right off Danforth Avenue and is right in the middle of “Greektown”, so there are plenty of restaurants around, as well as little shops including Toronto’s favourite health food market Mall, “Carrot Common Mall”. Inside the mall they sell gourmet coffee, and plants, books, oils and minerals, unique clothes and of course health food. They have a massage parlour upstairs as well as Yoga facilities.

When my two sons were small, I used to walk down Danforth near Chester station. Just south on Logan is one of the prettiest parks in Toronto, called Withrow Park. The kids and I used to have a ball and spent most of the afternoons there in the summer months playing in the sandboxes, splashing in the wading pool, and playing in the playgrounds. In the winter, we used to take the kids ice skating and tobogganing. It was nostalgic to look at it again now that they've grown ;)