Kennedy Subway Station

The Kennedy Subway Station is on the Bloor / Danforth and Scarborough RT Lines of the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC). On the street level it is situated on the South east Corner of Kennedy and Eglinton Avenues that opened in 1980. Kennedy station has come a long way since its humble beginnings as the last stop on the Eastbound tracks back in the 80's.
My fiance and I lived just a block away in 1985 in this building and I remember walking from the station home every night at 6:00.  Today Kennedy Station is a 4-level facility operating RT rails on the top level, buses on the ground level, GO Transit and parking lots are below that and the subway platform on the bottom.  Historically, there have been a string of violent crimes that occurred in and around the Kennedy station. In 2003, a 19-year-old was shot several times while waiting for a bus at the Kennedy subway station. Friday April 13, 2007 Nick Brown, 21 succumbed to his death from stab wounds while traveling on the last train out of Kennedy station. Suspect was arrested and charged a week later. Five days later, a 16 year old boy was stabbed twice over music he was listening to. Three men were charged with attempted murder. December 15, 2008, a 16 year old girl stabbed by another girl during an altercation and was rushed to Sunnybrooke. She survived her injuries.  A successful anti-crime campaign initiated by The Toronto Transit Authority, City Council and Law & Police Enforcement has made vigilant efforts to increase public awareness and safety. These have all contributed to the success of the anti-crime campaign that has left the area virtually safe today. The purpose of discussing crime was to demonstrate that even a problem area can be solved through perseverance and dedication to public safety because as of 2010, the City has approved a $100M facelift to expand the station to include the newest Light rail transit cars and by by 2015 Kennedy will be the largest and most complex station in the entire system of the TTC. Now thats quite an achievement that we all can be proud of!