Leslie Subway

The Leslie Subway is on the Sheppard Line. It opened in 2002 to the public. When I see these stations I am usually just catching them at random times when I’m on my way home from work so try to catch pictures when its not so crowded!
Here are some of them.

The Leslie Subway takes to minutes away from the East Don River (which isn’t quite so stinky these days) and of course in the heart of North York, you can always depend on gorgeous parkland that’s been maintained throughout.

The North York General Hospital and the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine are directly at the corner of Leslie and Esther Shriner Drive- if you are a frequent visitor to the Hospital I strongly suggest the subway since I’ve heard the prices of parking there is outrageous! If you’re looking to go shopping IKEA and Canadian Tire are also within minutes from the Leslie Subway.