Sheppard Subway

The Sheppard Station is on the Yonge/University-Spadina line and the Sheppard Subway lines of the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC). The Sheppard Station was opened in 1974 as part of the Yonge/-University-Spadina line. By 2002, it was reopened to include the Sheppard Subway line. The Sheppard Centre is an indoor mall directly adjacent to the subway through the concourse level. I was tempted to check out a movie at the Odeon Cineplex Theatre, but we decided to do some shopping at Winners instead. For those of us into shoes, there’s a Payless Shoe Stores on the lower level, great for the variety and prices. We stopped and ate in the food court located on the lower level and then went out for a walk to look at an old neighbourhood of mine.
For one whole year of my childhood (that was in 1974) our family, my mom and dad and brother and I lived in a house. It was a simple 3 bedroom, 2 storey, A-framed home. No garage, no fancy fences. The corner house at Doris/Spring Garden Avenues. One of a row of detached homes built in the 1930's. The floors creaked in my room upstairs and I constantly hit my head on the outside corners of in my bedroom because of the slope of the ceiling. But I wouldn't trade any of the lumps I had because it was a great year. We had a dog that year too, but had to give it away when we moved back into an apartment. The entire backyard was huge, and here's a pic of what it once was, and what it is today.
The owners of the house had offered my parents an opportunity to buy the home, but changed their minds once their lawyer had urged them otherwise. Guess they saw the growth potential ;)

Today Sheppard and Yonge is minutes from the North York Civic Centre, The Hummingbird Theatre and Mel Lastman square. Old theatres ("The Willow", I remember going there on Saturday nights with friends) are all torn down and gorgeous shops and boutiques have taken its place, but you know they never are gone from your memory and that is something that revenue can't take away.