Donlands Subway Station

Inside Donlands Subway
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The Donlands subway station is on the Bloor-Danforth line of the Toronto Transit Commission(TTC).  It was opened in 1966 and serves about 9,000 people a day.  On street level, the station is located at the corner of Danforth Avenue and Donlands. Donlands, although not a very busy station, is due for a revamp, and much to the dismay of nearby residents it's not backing down and taking no for an answer.  In the long run it really is for the safety of the residents anyways as the revamp will include a second exit for passengers in case of an emergency.

Donlands has an underground wye junction which allows trains to access the Greenwood yard (see "Greenwood Subway") which is the largest subway yard on the system.

Wye junctions are important because when there are three rail lines that join, it can be used to allow trains to pass from any line to any other line.

Outside Donlands Subway
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This is a Wye Junction (or Triangular)
The Wye junction is also referred to as a triangular junction.  Streetcars also use Wye junctions as well as the rail lines.  I didn't stay long at Donlands, but only as a stop over to visiting friends on the Danforth subway line.  I managed to peek at a few shops on the outside of the station, but really not much going on.  It's a very quiet neighbourhood, and other than a 7-11, there is a local chicken fast food place and that's about it.