Greenwood Subway Station

Greenwood Subway Station

The Greenwood Subway Station is on the Bloor Danforth Line of the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC). Although its called Greenwood station it is located on the corner of Linnsmore Avenue  and Strathmore Blvd near Danforth, just a block east of Greenwood. The station was opened in 1966 around the time the Greenwood Yards were being constructed. This marked the opening of the first segment of the Bloor –Danforth lines. 

Greenwood Yard- Photo by Voransicht (not me)
Although the station itself only sees about 9,000 people a day, the Greenwood Yard is the largest on the Transit system, located at Greenwood and Danforth Avenues. TTC personnel are the only ones who can get access to the yard through a secret fork in the underground tunnel running south of the east/west passenger tracks. The trains are stored overnight here that aren’t in service.
TO Works at work

Probably passed by Greenwood station for years and not once saw the inside of the station. Coming into the City from the east end of Toronto, commuters were at a standstill due to a water main breakage outside the station on November 3, 2010. The water flooded into the stations and onto the tracks down into the Greenwood Yard. Power was shut off to prevent electrical fires because the water touched the third rail. This caused delays on the entire Bloor-Danforth line and by 8:30 am trains were back on track, but now passengers had to contend with the long waits to get onboard.

Outside the Greenwood station, there were 26 shuttle buses provided running between Woodbine and Broadview. Just another example how efficient the infrastructure is and how much we depend on it to get around.

Before and After (am photo Citypulse / pm photo - me)
On my way home today, I took some pictures of the final clean up by our Toronto City Work crews. Service as usual and water main repaired. 

Sir Greek and Sir Sub ;)
I also took some last minute shots of the outside area since I lived at Pape and Danforth for years so was familiar with the area from the outside. Theres a nice mixture of small pubs, eaterys and fruit markets around. No major food stores though and I found this strange Tim Hortons shop that looked more like a small movie house and a Sir Greek & Sir Sub shop! I guess the owner is somehow related to Mr. Greek and Mr. Sub? Any ways just another day in paradise.