Victoria Park Subway Station

Inside Vic Park Station
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Victoria Park subway station is on the Bloor-Danforth line of the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC).  It was opened in 1968 and serves and about 30,000 people a day.  There is a long footbridge that can be accessed by pedestrians along Victoria park at Danforth Avenue.  Another method to gain access to the station is by using a walkway directly across from Crescent town.  

Outside Vic Park Station
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Victoria Park is one of the stations currently being renovated and redesigned as part of the Station Modernization program.
 Other Stations include Dufferin, Pape , Union, and St. Andrews.  Construction goes on relatively often at subway stations all the time.  For example, Castle Frank, Donlands, Kipling and Woodbine all require second exits and still others are in need of repairs on sidewalks and wall replacements and so on. A modernization project however, entails adding ramps and elevators for full accessibility for everyone and adding safer bridges, platforms and sidewalks.  

Work in progress
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Shoppers World Danforth
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The bus terminal has now been fully demolished and they are currently constructing a new one at the street level.  Of course being a modern station, they will marry art and nature with cement, steel and progress.

No contracts :)
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What brings me to Victoria park station?  Well today I finally decided 6 months was too long without a cell phone.  So I went to the Shoppers World at the corner of Victoria park and Danforth and walked into a cell phone store, walked out 15 minutes later with a phone, a bag, a smile and no contract. 

I went to WIND, got this bag --guess that makes me officially a wind-bag ;)