Bay Subway station

Bay Station - Lost Articles branch

The Bay subway station is located on the Bloor / Danforth line of the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC).  It was opened in February 1966 and serves about 28,000 people a day.  

It is located in the Toronto neighbourhood called “Yorkville”.  Yorkville is the other side of the tracks to bargain shopping.  Many high society shops and restaurants are located at Hazelton lanes.  Though I couldn't afford most of what is around me there, but a high priced flavoured coffee won’t break my budget.

Hazelton Lanes
the Pens?
We did some window shopping and came into one shop called "Laywines."  They sold pens and organizers.  Entering the store I was amazed to see it was full of people looking for high priced, high quality pens with names such as “Montblanc”, “Parker” and “Waterman”; my friend spoke to one of 4 salesmen behind the pen counters and looking down through the glass I saw such a colorful and stylized array of pens with price tags up to $550!  For a pen?  The salemen told me they can go up into the thousands.  I imagine you could really write a good story with that!