King Subway station

King station

The King subway station is located on the Yonge-University-Spadina line of the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC).  It was opened in March 1954 and serves about 60,000 people a day. 

On "the PATH" 
King subway is one of several stations (others are Dundas, Queen, Union and St. Andrew) connected to the underground mall system called “The Path”.  The Path is the largest underground mall in the world covering an area of 4 million square feet! In the heart of the Financial district, the Path connects major office towers underground.  In 1987 they developed a new signage system that would assist pedestrians to find their way around.
P (red/for south); A (orange/for west) T (blue/for north) H (yellow/for east).

Underground Shopping
It really is like an underground city with over 50 buildings, 20 parking garages, 6 hotels, 2 department stores, 2 major shopping malls and a rail and bus terminal.  Even the CN Tower and Rogers Centre further extends the linkage through a closed in walkway called the Skywalk.

One interesting fact that I noticed is King Street, although extremely busy during the week, is one of the few stations that are virtually barren on weekends.  This includes the underground city which is asleep once businesses close.

Found this entry to 1 King West
Located right at the corner of King and Yonge streets is 1 King West which is a 51 storey elite residence/hotel with over 500 rooms and a 2 floor penthouse.  Rooms are located in either the old or new area of the building, since the tower was built on an existing TD Bank built in 1914.
If you’re curious click here for more info on One King West

Just imagine if you lived and worked there, you need never have to ever go outside again?