Royal York Subway Station

Royal York Subway

The Royal York subway station is located on the Bloor / Danforth line of the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC).  It was opened in May 1968 and serves about 20,000 people a day.  Located in the Toronto neighbourhood called, "the Kingsway", Royal York is situated in what once was known as "Etobicoke" before the amalgamation of the City of Toronto in 1998.   

Just outside the station is a theatre called "the Kingsway theatre" which has been around since the early 1900's still operates daily and shows matinees and evenings and runs current films.  Currently playing.."Social Network." Incidentally I saw this movie which is a documentary about the founder of "Facebook."  I almost fell asleep, but to most it has been rated pretty high this week.

The Kingsway borders the Mimico Creek to the west and the Humber river to the east.  Like Rosedale, Forest Hill and the Bridle Path in central Toronto, the Kingsway is an affluent neighbourhood located in the west end of the City, with the average house priced at over a half a million dollars!

Kingway Theatre
Here are some pictures of Mimico creek as it looks in both the winter and summer months.  It is a 33km stream that flows southeast along the Humber River through the neighbourhood of Islington and eventually empties into Lake Ontario.  At the mouth of Mimico Creek is a landfill park called Humber Bay Park.  Often Mimico Creek is mistaken for Humber Bay because of the name of the park. 

Found this kinda funny, a deflated Santa..
Another landfill in Toronto is the Leslie Spit, located in downtown Toronto. This is an artificial spit, which was created by dumping building rubble for the last 50 years.  Now the "spit" is a Nature sanctuary for birds and over 100,000 birds nest there every year.  In the spring and summer months, you can take your bike down the trail along the Lake Ontario shoreline.  Now I'm really missing summer..