St. Patricks subway

University Avenue

St. Patricks station

St. Patrick subway station is on the Yonge – University Spadina line of the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC).  It was opened in February 1963 and serves about 31,000 people a day.

On street level St. Patrick intersects University Avenue and Dundas Street (west of Yonge). Other than Yonge street, University Avenue is another north/south alternative in downtown Toronto.   It is probably one of the more noble and picturesque streets in Toronto.  For one thing the street is unusually wide, covering an expanse of 6 lanes.  A median down the centre of the avenue contains various statues, water fountains, shrubbery and seasonal flowers.   

It runs from Union Station (Front Street) up until College street where it forks into Queens Park.  Surprisingly, despite the name, there are no Universities on University Avenue. There are however several corporate offices and government buildings.  Hospital Row is closer to the Osgoode (College Park) subway station, however Mount Sinai hospital is directly outside the St. Patrick station.  

If you happen to pass St. Patrick station during the evening hours, make a point to go out and take a look at the festive lights on the trees and shrubs.  Its really quite pretty.  Oh and one more thing: Yes, St. Patrick's station is green.