Wilson Subway Station

Wilson Subway Station
The Wilson Subway station is on the Yonge – University – Spadina line of the toronto transit commission (TTC).  The station was opened in 1978 and serves about 21,000 people.

The Wilson station and surrounding land owned by the TTC is so vast, there are 4 parking lots,(totaling 2300 parking spaces), the Wilson yard and space used for retail stores.

Wilson Complex
The Wilson Subway and Bus Yard (known as the Wilson Complex) is the largest on the system.  This yard is utilized to service the cars on the Yonge University and Spadina line.  There is over 60 acres of yard and currently they are constructing a new training building to accommodate the new Toronto Rocket Trains.

Click here for an Aerial view Of Wilson Complex .  This will just to give you an idea of just how large this land area really is.