Albion Falls (Autumn)- Hamilton

1906 Postcard of the Old Mill
Courtesy of Joseph Hollick

The breathtaking beauty of a 19 metre drop of complex cascading water of 'Albion Falls".   Located on top of the Red Hill Valley in Stoney Creek, you'll find this treasure.  One of many located in Hamilton, known as "the city of Waterfalls".  It is especially beautiful in the Autumn when the local trees of beech, elm, maple, ash and walnut surround the falls with a myriad of colors of orange, yellows and red.  You'll love the hiking trails and the scenery of King's forest. If you're not a local like me, you can find places to park in 3 different lots on the escarpment.  On Mud St. (w. of Mt. Albion Road), at the Junction of Mud St. and Mt. Brow Blvd or Mt. Brow Blvd (just west of Mud St). The Shorebirds, warblers and sparrows are heard and perhaps seen in the cooler months of autumn. Parts of the terrain on the trail can be pretty rocky and wet, but it's all worth it for a view of the falls.

As a constant supply of water, it is no surprise that almost 100 years ago it was used to supply water to the "Old Mill"  located at "Mount Albion"  Today, the Mill is gone, but the creek known as 'the Red Hill creek' is a constant flow of water into what is known as "Albion Falls" 

Today hundreds of visitors can be found on weekends exploring this splendid waterfall in Hamilton's east mountain.