Warden Woods Trail

Spring, Summer or Fall, Warden woods is a beautiful trail located in the east end of Toronto.  I'd say it's not big, not small, just big enough to feel like you've escaped the rush of a city into the balance of nature for a while.

Warden Woods Trail is a heavily forested trail covering a land space of 56 hectares.  From the corner of St. Clair and Warden to Pharmacy Avenue, it follows the Massey Creek which flows into the Don River.  I've been here before (see Warden Subway Station on this blog) but didn't walk through the entire trail because at the time most of the paths were muddy and sloppy.  It's now late autumn and a lot of vibrant fall colours are disappearing into browns, tans and greys.  The reminder of course that winter is not far long, but this trail will still be utilized in the winter for snowshoeing and hiking.  
If you keeping on the asphalt pathway, there are many examples of beautiful scenery to take pictures of, worthy of framing!  The valley was formed by erosion caused by Massey creek through glacial deposits and the path can be winding and hilly at times.  You'll see some heavily forested areas which I suspect are much lovelier in the late spring/summer months when the green foliage is out. 

The Taylor Massey creek is protected and preserved by volunteers of the 'Taylor Massey Project'.  For those interested in learning about how to get involved yourself or just finding out more about project goals and objectives Click Here


Even though it is virtually impossible to get lost in Warden Woods because you are always just minutes from civilization, while in it, it really does feel like a different place in time.

Happy Trails!