The Toronto Zoo

Peacock checking out the menu!
Cutie Polar Bears!
We can't complain here in Ontario about the weather.  In fact it's been pretty pleasant give or take a few days.  This is the good side of global warming I suppose, and most of us know the bad side.  The poor Polar Bears are feeling the brunt of it, in fact are in the danger zone of becoming extinct forever while the polar ice caps are melting down.  I mean there is only so much we can do to help transport them to colder climates. It was this frame of mind that brought me to the zoo to visit the Polar Bears.  Why not?  There are still a lot of animals at the zoo at this time of year to view and the price is far more reasonable in the cooler months than in the heat of summer, which is their peak season.  From September 3rd to May 18th every year, you can see Polar Bears, Elephants, White rhinos, Grizzly Bears, Cheetahs, Lions, Tigers, Hippos and even Giraffes!   
The North American Grizzly

Sorry didn't catch their names!

The exhibits 'Around the World, Grizzly Bear trail, Camel Trail and Savanna Trail take about 3 to 4 hours to cover on the outside.  There are also many pavilions that are able to stay open all year round because they are indoors and kept at very warm and humid temperatures to ensure the survival of the species.  That's where I was able to visit the Gorillas and Orangutans, Komodo dragons and several fish (including the Lake Malawi Aquarium), birds, bats and snake species, among others.
Moose/Spotted Hyenna
Honestly, not only is it great exercise to walk through the park (especially coming out of the Grizzly Bear trail!) which is all uphill but since the animals are there anyways, it doesn't matter if you believe that they should be kept in captivity or not (which I don't personally), but you might as well enjoy them.  Enjoy seeing and being a part of their surroundings (even if its mock) because most of us will never get to experience the Savannahs in Africa, Eurasia or Australia.  But for a few hours you can still get as close as possible in a safe environment to explore the wonderful world of wild animals.  

Click here for a short video of the GORILLAS! :)