Upper Felkers Falls- Hamilton

Upper Felkers
Felkers Falls is a lovely spot located in amidst a residential neighbourhood.  The Felker’s Falls Conservation area is accessed from the Peter Street trail and follows a loop around to give you lots of great photo-op vantage points.  A nice hike indeed and like many waterflows on the escarpment, there is an upper and lower gorge. 

Felkers Falls is a 22 metre ‘ribbon’ waterfall and falls in the middle of forested trails, river streams, knotted hills, and open hooded caves.  Lucky are those who lives around this urban setting.
For those of you who don’t live nearby, exit the QEW on Centennial Pkwy heading south to head up the escarpment (East mountain).  Once you see Mud st, turn right and again at Paramount Dr. Turn right again onto Ackland Street.  Around the bend, you will see a parking lot.  All signs and maps are there to decide which route you wish to take.  

You can also enter Felkers from Quigley Road, and walk in to get to the falls.  This is a more adventurous way to view as climb over rocks and mud.  There is a clear pathway more or less so sounds a lot worse than it is.  As well, you will pass by Lower Davis Falls.  I didn't really get a good picture as there was no tripod and now I swear by them.  You can't always rely on the steadiness of rock and the view finder doesn't always accurately depict the picture you'll get when you're back home looking at it on your computer.  

This fall, normally rates high out of the top 16 waterfalls in Hamilton as far as accessibility and waterflow.

The setting is peaceful and usually isolated, although occasionally you may find a few people enjoying this hidden treasure as well, so if you think you've discovered paradise, you may have some company...
On a more serious note, there have been several accidents even recently where a young girl fell and was transported to nearby hospital.  It’s been said many times safety first always.