Denlow Falls-Hamilton

It's been over a few weeks since going to Upper Chedoke, but I thought I would do a little bit of a write up on her next door neighbour, Denlow Falls.   To get here, you will have to be a bit of a skilled rock hopper as you will be deciphering many moss-laden stones and large cragged boulders.  But perseverance will eventually take you to where you need to go.  If you park in the lot off of Scenic Drive and Upper Paradise Road, you can descend the metal staircase down half way venturing east (right) into the woodland of the marked Bruce Trail and follow it toward Lower Chedoke.  Once there, you can climb upward off the marked trail and continue south until you reach Denlow Falls (on the left) and Upper Chedoke (on the right). 

Later I learned, you can also get here by parking at the east end of the Chedoke Golf Course parking lot and following the ravine upwards.   

Denlow Falls at her base looking upwards reaches a height of 19 metres.  Her crest is any where from 2-9 metres at different point of the "Horse tail" cascade.  She doesn't really have much of a flow, except after a good rainfall, which is why she isn't photographed that much.  A word of caution though, it really is pretty dangerous getting here, so good rubber waterproof boots with good traction and always plan your footing ahead of time.  

I like water-falling and especially the more challenging terrains, mostly because it forces me to slow down and be more methodical in my thinking.