Dundurn Castle-Hamilton

I've been to Dundurn Castle several time over the last three years, and have yet to find my way inside her doors.  I just haven't shown up at the right times I guess.  Since weekend hours are limited too.   Dundurn Castle is located at 610 York Blvd. in Hamilton.  It's an historic site now, and was built in 1835 and was once the home of the Sir Allan McNab who later became the Prime Minister of the "United Province of Canada between 1854 and 1856. 

This castle is huge and now owned by the City of Hamilton it has 72 rooms in an area of over 18000 square feet! It took three years to build.  I haven't gone inside yet, but will make that an item on my bucket list.  The outside grounds are stunning enough, which includes a "mystery building" on the eastern part of the property.  A beautiful house that no one actually knows who or what it was for.  Some assume it was meant for a chapel, or a theatre. Others believe there were tunnels being built under the castle grounds leading to the 'mystery building' perhaps for some cockfighting? The grounds also contain a civic museum and Dundurn park which is a great backdrop for wedding photography.
More on castles to explore in Canada and beyond are added to my bucket list.