Great Falls in Springtime-Waterdown

 One of the first waterfalls that I photographed with my new Canon camera was 'Great Falls' in Waterdown and it was here that I remembered looking at photography as more than a point and shoot experience, but rather as an extension of who I was.  I realized that this was true when my Canon was in the shop for a few weeks getting repaired.  I had felt depressed and directionless for awhile.  Suddenly I saw the world through the eye of a camera and anguished myself over all the great shots that I thought I was missing.  Okay, so maybe I am being a little over dramatic, but the truth is I really did miss it.  That's when I realized that photography was my new found passion.  
So here I was back at the beginning sort of speak and tried to collect everything I learned from the gracious members of the Hamilton Waterfall group and to ease drop on the small groups of photography classes that I encountered in my travels.  Photographers in general tend to be passionate, creative with a strong desire to create that all encumbering 'great shot' that will make viewers ooh and aah.  Although I am proud of a small few of my photos, I still have a lot to learn.
With that I bring you Great Falls in Waterdown, which also comes with a nice hike up the trail in Dundas Valley as well.  There's a flat, good sized rock that is within proximity of the waterfall making it a neat and natural stand for your tripod! Great Falls is 10 metres high and 5 metres across and has a year round flow so you won't be disappointed to find it dried up.