Mountview Falls, Hamilton

You’ll have to excuse this picture of Mountview Falls. It was taken over a month ago (in very early spring) and like all photographs, it brings with it memories that attach itself to it. While several other attempts at taking a better shot did happen that day, it unfortunately occurred when my Canon camera had decided to shut down. It wasn’t even a battery issue either, but I remember after hiking several other falls along the Chedoke trail, this was the final stop before packing it in for the day. 

Thankfully, others have been here, and it is with their great effort and camera in tow, they will give you much better angle views than I was able to get on this day. Sure I’ll be back, but instead I’d rather keep the blog entry with as much integrity as possible and share with you the intent on which it was taken.

Mountview Falls in Hamilton is considered a 10 metre high classic-complex cascade. When the water flows are more intense after a good rainfall, Mountview can be an interesting sight, although some say not the most picturesque. I find it interesting how the rock formation resembles somewhat like a display of egg cartons layed out at the base as you work your way towards her upper crest!

Mountview Falls is located off the Chedoke trail, which is adjacent to the Chedoke Golf Course in Hamilton. It was also easy to find a beautiful depiction of Mountview Falls can be found ON YOUTUBE !

I did however learn on this day, how much I depend on my camera and how much I miss it when it isn’t a part of my daily life! : )