Todmorden Mills, Toronto

Todmorden Mills was discovered actually quite by chance while on an unadventurous bike ride southbound on the Don River recreational trail. Deciding to veer west off Pottery Road in Toronto, I saw the ‘Fantasy farm’ up ahead.  I had always wondered where this was as you could see it off the Don Valley Parkway, but I had never seen it up close.  As I discovered it’s a banquet hall, and set in some really pretty and private country-like scenery great for Weddings.  Right across the lane is ‘Todmorden Mills’.  It’s an historic site owned now by the City of Toronto, but was once a Lumber mill located in a small settlement called, "Don Mills" in 1790's.  
There remains todays two historic miller’s homes, a Brewery building and over 10 hectares of fields containing wildflowers and walking trails including upland and bottomland forests. 

I was surprised when I walked into the historical mill house near the entrance of Todmorden, there were walls of artwork and a stage door leading to a renovated Papermill Theatre and Gallery.  Interesting setting for this.  Honestly didn’t even know it was here.   If you want to find out more about the Papermill Theatre and what's on, click here.