Borers Falls-Hamilton

Borers Falls in Hamilton,
Borers Falls is located just off Highway 5 in Hamilton at Rock Chapel Road.  It is very accessible to view the falls from above..I haven't taken the hike down below yet, but plan on doing that again sometime this summer. 

What we did find though was a very thick cable and hook designed to help the avid cliff diver.  I like waterfalls and adventure, but there are limits to even that and when you look close enough I don't think you would even trust a basket on fruit on that thing.  It's hidden off to the side mind you and you'll have to look for it, but I think the Hamilton Authority should peel it off the tree once and for all.  It's an accident waiting to happen.

The RBG (Royal Botanical Gardens) has a sizable automatic paid parking lot for the Rock Chapel Sanctuary.  Once you park and pay, you’ll see a sign with an arrow pointing you into the right direction.Word of caution, they do ticket cars there! One guy was gone no longer than ten minutes (he claimed) to walk his dog and came back to a $35 dollar ticket on his windshield, with a price increase of $50 if not paid in 7 days! That's a pretty stiff penalty, and is not given out by the Police, but the Hamilton Authority, especially on weekends.
Although Borer's Falls is only 16m in height, it is still quite pretty, but its best to wait till after a rainfall to see a substantial flow.  The Rock Chapel Sanctuary is gorgeous with awesome views of the escarpment and dense tree foliage as far as the eye can see.  You'll find a perfect view of Borer’s Falls from up top and once there you'll see that it's obviously a much photographed cascading curtain waterfall.


I am including a picture of the Borers Waterall in the winter months here.  I still have to take a decent shot of this lovely waterfall in the spring when the flow is good.  I was still young into photography when I took the original here, and learning a trick or two makes for better waterfall photos.